King Road Tower

Sitting proudly in all its majesty, King Road Tower is a structure that takes one’s breath away. As the very first tower constructed in the Jeddah region, this impressive skyscraper has a highly functional layout keeping in mind the needs of start-ups and established businesses. As far as the structural system goes, the tower is entirely made up of steel, reinforced concrete and glass. As a project of the leading engineering and design companies Kling Consult, the structure is a beautiful blend of luxury and convenience. This makes it an establishment with a reputation second to none. 



The city of Jeddah is beautiful in its simplicity. The city has a unique charm that encourages visitors to stay here forever. Simple and beautiful, the city is a traveler’s Mecca where visitors and holiday-makers find several options for sight-seeing and activities. 

If you are a history enthusiast, Jeddah won’t disappoint you. In fact, it will take your interest to the next level. This city is home to several museums that do not only allow you to travel back in time; they also offer you an up close and personal look of the authentic Arab and gulf culture.